29 July 2002

The cyberpagans were right, more or less. The Age of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, came and went, leaving us a spoiled brat President and the wreckage of dotcoms like a driveway strewn with broken toys. One dotcom whiz-kid took the metaphor further than I did, and hunted for boys of his own, and was spanked. Older CEOs, like big baby fetishists in oversized diapers, burned their companies like so many phalanxes of armymen soaked in lighter fluid.

Some Golden Dawn. If Cthulhu and Kali got into a fight, which one would win?

But the world is as chaotic as ever, regardless of what the eminences gris(li)es would have you believe. I Ching Hexagram 59 ruled over Bush I, as it now does the son.