Great Escapes

And this one's for the Dishonorable Henry Hyde (R-Comfort Station, IL):

Yep, it's about abortion (among other things). The Reproductive Health Technologies Project provides info on a "Morning After" treatment that OB/GYNs have known about for years: massive doses of certain varieties of The Pill. IUDs also work. The aforementioned page also has a listing of docs in YOUR area who know about this treatment and will prescribe it. iTambien en Espanol! There's a phone number: 1-800-584-9911. Shout-out to Katha Pollitt, who published this in The Nation, 1 April 1996, p.9, and a big Fuck You to Rescue America, Ralph Reed, and the ghost of Terry Dolan, a Moral Majority co-founder who died of AIDS! If I knew of a Web page that advertised "late-term abortions" (fucking Religious Right; "partial-birth" applies to them) I'd link to it as well!