Amsterdamse gotiek

In inherent gothicness, the Netherlands can't hold a black candle to German phantasmagoria, French Catholicism/Satanism, or Italian gialli. Except maybe in the south, towards Belgium, gargoyles are scarce. Still, the Dutch manage. The old town center of Delft was the location for Werner Herzog's version of Nosferatu, and back in the day no self-respecting town was without a heksenwaag. (Leave it to the Dutch to apply cold science to the witch hysteria.) In my three years in Amsterdam, I've turned up a few interesting places.

Amsterdam has a solid scene. The biggest event in NL is GothAM twice a year in the Paradiso, a former church (natuurlijk!), and the first one, in 2001, drew 1200 goths--some from as far away as England and France--and a few dozen Tommy Hilfiger types. Sadly no drained corpses of the latter were found outside the next morning.

Pretty much all the variants--fetish, cyber/industrial, fairies, Victorian, Batcave--are represented. German, Belgian and Limburgse DJs regularly spin at the Amsterdam events. Inrichting (Institution) was the longest-running club night, from 1988 to 2001. It started in the Graansilo, a huge squatted grain elevator on the western docks that was later given to condo developers. It moved to the Kalenderpanden, a squatted warehouse that was opposite the zoo and suffered the same fate as the Silo. It ended nobly, in the Filmakademie, also a squat, which was closed for a long time for fire safety, and that was it. A newish event is Gothoord, a great party in a church in Ruigoord, a semi-abandoned village between Amsterdam and Haarlem. Good DJs in a perfect location. The first Gothoord was a success, in the middle of frozen January. I went to one or two after that but haven't been lately. The #80 bus rides from Marnixstraat directly to the village, every half-hour to midnight. Hired vans run to Centraal Station every hour from 1am. 22:00-06:00; euro 10,- There's a cable/online radio station, KinkFM, streaming online) that has a goth/industrial show on Sunday nights from 9 to midnight local time, and also Het Programma, in the same timeslot on Radio Patapoe.

As of summer 2004, Amsterdam gothic events are sparse. Check the Kagan Calendar for news:

Another bar: Korsakoff - Lijnbaansgracht 161. Tram 1 or 2 to Elandsgracht. Take the small bridge to your left (about 100 feet back. Go left along the canal for about 200 feet. Next to the Malo Meloe, a good blues-rock bar. Korsakoff's usual fare is dance-pop and what-have-you, but the ground floor plays more industrial goth later in the night. The bar is named for the syndrome of memory blackouts from brain damage brought on by heavy drinking. Clothing Music
  • Boudisque - The only shop that specifically stocks gothic/darkwave tunes, on Haringpakkerssteeg, near Centraal Station.
  • Da Capo / Beat Cavern - Utrecht Back