JOURNAL WIRED. Science fiction, commentary, pointers for going online, etc., in a trade paperback format. Sadly defunct after 3 issues. Worth trying to find.

RE/SEARCH #1,#2,#3. If you like the other, later issues, you'll eventually want to get these from the SF punk scene. They're $7 apiece or $18 for all 3.

SURVIVAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES. Machine sex. Their last tape sucked, but the two before that (Seattle/Tesla Coil, Amsterdam/Copenhagen) were great. Get 'em all except the final one. They finally came to Texas in 1997, after I'd moved away.

DAWSON, DAVID, ELY, ROGER AND P-ORRIDGE, GENESIS, ed. THE FINAL ACADEMY: STATEMENTS OF A KIND. JULY 1982. Magazine of Burroughsian stuff and ideas for a progressive (if gratuitously gay) school and curriculum. (Nov. 2000: "Gratuitously gay?").

BERGER, PETER L. AND LUCKMANN, THOMAS. THE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF REALITY. Scholarly treatment of how people come to believe the way they do.

VIRUS 23 MAGAZINE. Includes my article on fake news. $7 to Box 46, Red Deer, AB (Alberta), T4N 5E7, CANADA. See review in Factsheet Five #39. They've put out 3 or 4 issues. Address probably defunct. (Nov. 2000: Most definitely defunct by now.)

WATZLAWICK, PAUL. HOW REAL IS REAL? CONFUSION, DISINFORMATION, COMMUNICATION (AN ANECDOTAL INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATION THEORY). Very easy reading, great case studies on mass hysteria. See also issues of The Skeptical Inquirer (and Fortean Times) that mention the Ritual Child Abuse panics in the US and UK.