(Mid 1993 - Soros is back in the news again for giving shitloads of money to Yugoslavian refugees and funding free radio stations in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, his Quantum mutual fund is doing as well as ever) (November 2000. He left the Quantum Fund ages ago and has been more successful in the U.S. with funding state medical marijuana initiatives thn in Eastern europe, from which he has mostly withdrawn.)

THEOBALD, ROBERT. BEYOND DESPAIR (Possibly useful book on the near future. Chapter titled "Intermission" is another attempt to grope through the information economy)


TOFFLER, ALVIN ZAPPA, FRANK. THE REAL FRANK ZAPPA BOOK. (Autobiography of a guy who's now an unofficial cultural attache to Czechoslovakia. Wotta guy!) (November 2000. Actually he died in 1995 or so, but he's still a god in Prague and Czechia and Slovakia separated in 1993)

ZINSSER, HANS. RATS, LICE, AND HISTORY. (Role of disease and vermin in history. Rather one-sided, but an interesting perspective)