STRUNK AND WHITE. THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE (Essential for writing and thinking clearly)


AMOK CATALOGUE FITH DISPATCH (Great stuff in here with capsule descriptions provided. The stuff that doesn't agree with AMOK's paranoid worldview gets short shrift, though.)

FACTSHEET FIVE MAGAZINE (The directory of small press 'zines, comix, tunes, videos, books, etc. Comes out every other month. Worth many times the $3 it costs)

LOOMPANICS UNLIMITED (All those books about wiretapping, setting up home drug labs, creating false identities, and MORE! Includes reprints of hard to find books)

IVAN STANG. HIGH WEIRDNESS BY MAIL (More addresses. A lot like THE FRINGES OF REASON, but funnier. Mocks everyone equally. Buy this. Now.) (Nov. 2000: Way out of date, but get it anyway for the history and the descriptions.)

VITAL INFORMATION. NEW ORLEANS. Another catalogue, in the same vein as FF5, but not as extensive.)