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Good Gaia Almighty! There's life yet in Neutopia! I read a.s.n in 1995 or so, and was delighted at the society of Doctress Neutopia, her adherents (ok, one or two), and the legion of mockers and scoffers that populated the newsgroup. Drs. Neutopia, whose real name is Libby Hubbard, wrote manifestoes promoting an ecotopia with herself at its head. Drs. Neutopia posted to newsgroups like alt.cyberpunk until the USENET Cabal (there is no cabal) gave her a newsgroup of her own. The scoffers followed her to a.s.n. and proclaimed themselves the Monster Truck Neutopians, dedicating themselves to monster trucks and barbeque. Their anthem was "Wild and Blue" by the Mekons (from Curse of the Mekons). It was all hugely entertaining, contrasting the MTN's mockery with Drs. N.'s total lack of humor. Eventually I found other entertainment and had pretty much forgotten about a.s.n until 2 weeks ago, when some net theorist on nettime called her fictional in his thesis concerning net memes. Someone else pointed out Ms. Hubbard does indeed exist and posted links to pictures of her. I checked a.s.n and found some activity, though nothing like three years ago. And sadly, there are few links left. Here's the only live MTN link I've found so far. It's got a FAQ and other links, but they're rotting fast. If I can find it, I might post my collection of old Neutopia posts. I think it's got MTN Burma Shave jingles.