Coming soon to Fox (produced jointly with Interscope), it's "True," an inspirational and empowering series about a different kind of angel. Aiwass the Holy Guardian Angel (Christopher Lloyd, think of the movie "$20"), having finally lived down Aleister Crowley, takes to the American highways in a battered pickup truck with L.A.Y.L.A.H. (Joan Cusack), each week helping troubled mortals find their True Will.

In the pilot episode, high school student Johnny thinks he wants to go out in a blaze of glory, Gunning Down 20 Fellow Students, Self. The night before the planned massacre, Johnny tries to summon Satan and instead gets Aiwass and L. In the course of a single night, Johnny realizes that he really wants to seduce the sanctimonious principal's daughter and then do the same with his son, and then loot the school board's bank account so the three of them can run off and open a goth bar in New Orleans. The episode ends at the airport, with the three kids tearfully bidding Aiwass and LAYLAH farewell and hugs all around, as final boarding is called for the flight to NOLA.

I tell ya, the kids will love it.