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Me, Jim, and DaveI'm the one in the middle. The three of us were making a joyous noise for "Bob" at the Ku Klux Klan rally 1 July 1990. We played kazoos and sang stirring marching song such as "Der Fuehrer's Face" and "Springtime for Hitler." There were groups like ACT-UP and various local committees for peace and justice protesting the march (more power to 'em), but we were the only ones who really pissed the Klans off. Then, two of us drove to a a party in Dallas. After that, everything was different.






Here's a more recent picture of me (from Feb 2001; my hair's much longer now - mid-2004):

Curriculum Vitae


1 June 1963 (same birthday as Marilyn Monroe--1926--and pre-anniversary of the 1974 Nico, Kevin Ayers, John Cale and Brian Eno jam)


Feces or Vertigo, I forget. Or is it Rabies?

Formal Education:

Rice University, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, May 1985

More Formal Education:

University of Houston-Clear Lake, M.S. Future Studies. I stopped a few hours shy of the degree. It was 1991 and I was studying this internet/BBS thing. I sort of fell into my work. I don't regret it. Anyway, I recommend the program.

Informal Education

Also, I did a lot of reading.

Where Living:

Amsterdam, in a house above a shop.

Currently Employed:

UUnet Europe

Hey, headhunters! Thanks but no thanks! I'm happy here. Good pay, good people, good location.

Previously Employed

Take it from me. If you're a geek, never work for an advertising company.
Used to work at Sound Exchange, helping to put their collectible vinyl online. I was Webwallah!! (After the Divine Ms. Rebecca Eisenberg, that is (after my good buddy Chris Kemmerer)). But then I moved to Washington DC!! and thence to Amsterdam (link pending)

Outside interests:

Linux and raising hell (though I've done fuck-all on either front), fixing things.

Other Interests:

too many to nail down. Obsolete technology and spent futures

Friends and Relations