Linux Links

This summer I finally got Linux loaded onto my Toshiba 410CS laptop, after four tries and holding out RedHat 5.1, which is so easy to install it even has instructions in Redneck. I really haven't done a whole lot with it, except read mail and surf the Net. Even THAT had to wait until someone with more on the ball wrote a driver for my Xircom PC modem/Ethernet card, the one card not supported by the Linux community since Xircom wouldn't release its data while Linux hackers were in a mood to write drivers for the other 999 cards on the market. When I get around to it I'll try to get the sound working so I can play CDs and RealAudio files. If I'm REALLY feeling ambitious, I'll start playing with perl5. Sorry I don't have more to tell. But here are some really good Linux for laptop links: